A Sneak Peek at the DMA

Hey all. Deb here.

Monday, Michael Lagocki and I got to tour the Dallas Museum of Art with Nicole Stutzman, the Director of Teaching Programs and Partnerships. The coolest part about that, (aside from getting to spend some time with Nicole who is super nice) is that the museum is closed on Mondays. That’s right. Mike and I got to sneak around after hours and check out all their pristine exhibits.

We were visiting specifically to do some research for our upcoming Creativity Challenge this Friday night, August 20th. Mike needed to take a good look around and find the perfect spot to have our class, and I think he really did a great job choosing it. I love the art we’ll be surrounded by…Pollack, Rothko, and Kline. Truly inspiring stuff!

We also wanted to take a good look around at all the exhibits so that we’d have an idea of what our participants would have to choose from in their Creativity Challenge. Some of the past creativity challenges that Nicole told us about were pretty neat, however I think ours which includes help from 7 local artists and breaking 3-d images down will be amazing!

I’ll be one of the teachers this Friday and I’ll be in great company! Bianca Elise, Michael Lagocki, David Rodriguez, Jamel Jones, Michelle McSpadden, and Dehvon Ward will also be leading our different groups on this cool experience.

All you have to do to participate is buy a regular price admission to the museum on Friday night. Once you’re in you can sign up to participate in the CREATIVITY CHALLENGE on the first floor. We’ll teach two rounds of it- at 8 and 10pm. Maximum fifty people can sign up per time, so make sure to sign up a little early.

Looking forward to creating with you

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