“The Dirty Charm” Richard Paul Davis & Hank Van Hawkins

Richard Paul Davis and Hank Van Hawkins create “The Dirty Charmers” and hit the road

Most of you reading this will fondly remember an extraordinary band known as the Texas Red Legs.  “Black Sky Growl”, “Burnin’ Down 35″ & “Chaste Machine” in their originality and passion, were all songs that left the audience (and especially) our ArtLoveMagic family screaming for more.  Here is our ‘more’, people.  Richard Paul Davis and Hank Van Hawkins team up to bring you a true Texas duo, ‘The Dirty Charm’.  Their official press release is as follows.  Spread the word!

The Dirty Charmers begin their performance collaboration at the Brett Dillon of KHYI 95.3 the Range’s hosted “bike and Mic night “at Main Street Liquid Company Richardson Texas.

Richard Paul Davis, currently of the Dallas Americana act ‘The Lost Immigrants’ and formerly of the Texas Red Legs, has joined Hank Van Hawkins in a songwriting, mobile performing song-swapping two-man duo titled ‘The Dirty Charm’. Their upcoming shows of note are below:

  • Brett Dillon’s Bike and Mic night at main street liquid company Richardson TX.

August 17th at 7pm. They will be opening for members of the Tejas Bros. 115 East Main Street
Richardson, TX 75081

  • August 19th at the Tap-in Grapevine Texas 7:30 pm. 120 south mains street Grapevine Texas. 75067
  • 10/22/2022 8:00 PM Roots Coffeehouse North Richland Hills, TX, US
  • 9/25/2022 8:00 PM tap-in 120 main street grapevine Texas 75067 Grapevine, TX,
  • 9/23/24/2022 7:00 PM Coffee Rules Hays, KS,

Media & Press Information

Please contact, or view the below sites.

  1. The Dirty Charmers on Facebook

The Dirty Charmers came together by happenstance more or less. It was a chance meeting bringing two very different and eclectic songwriters each with their own different and unique voices together in the same band for the same purpose and with similar creative goals already in mind. Thus the Dirty Charm was born.

Hard luck lots prove to be the most fertile of ground for songwriters although it is not a path one can take by choice, so much as it is a path some have had no other choice than to walk down. These vagabonds and troubadours seem to have had no other choice than to be outlaws and outcasts of some sort, considering all the combined years of experience, hardships and tragedies that stand as a muse between the two of them. Rightfully so the truth keeps them hell bent on expressing and exposing truths so that nothing else remains to be sugar-coated.

Rock and Roll is indeed a dirty business and the Dirty Charmers have been buried up to their necks in it for years now. With a healthy sense of adventure and a bad case of morbid curiosity, they remain on the hunt for the next song.

Creatively speaking they are a perfect storm of sorts bringing slow and brooding together with fast and bitter. Culminating at the crossroads where myth meets the magic and brewing deep within the underground where legends are born through trials of fire.

The mission is to bring integrity and substance back to what was once a legendary music scene.

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